Saturday, 24 February 2018

Doing Windows 2.1

Several days ago the 2.0 version was released on the App Store. It is a major update and, although it was tested extensively, a bug slipped through. It is fixed with version 2.1.

What happened? Well, when a job, which is attached to a round, has been edited its repeat cycle is unset. Then when the list of jobs is loaded the app crashes at finding an unset repeat cycle while counting the jobs of the various repeat cycles.

My sincere apologies for all the users that encountered this issue. The update with the bug fix is available and can be downloaded from the App Store.

What else is included in this version? I received a request from a professional window cleaner in Sweden who asked to have it in Swedish, so with his help Doing Windows now also works with that additional language.

And as an added bonus there is also a link with the iOS maps app for the jobs that appear in the 'To Do' list. When you tap on a job there is now an extra option 'Route Here' on the Job Info screen, and when selected feeds the job customer address to the maps app and will trigger it to show the route from your current location to the customer address. This might come in handy when you are not so much familiar with the area.

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