Thursday, 25 January 2018

Doing Windows 2.0

Soon version 2.0 will be on its way to the App Store. I have been working on this version for several weeks and I am quite happy about the new features that it has. In alphabetical order the following three topics are added:
  • Mileage: keep track of your vehicles' business miles on a daily basis. This will be helpful to see how much you can claim back later as travel costs for your tax calculations.
  • Prospects: keep records of potential customers, perhaps while canvassing or other methods you are using, and because you are just awesome in your work you turn them into customers.
  • Rounds: jobs with the same cycle can be grouped and scheduled together, which makes it easier to adjust your planning and also keeps your to-do-list more tidy. Now, when you want to take a break or go on a holiday because your business runs so well, you simply change the date of some rounds and you are set.
The inclusion of mileage registration is because of some users have requested it. I can fully understand the reasons for wanting such a feature added. For one, it is another reason not needing a notebook in your glove compartment. And you can see what you spend each month and export the total list to whatever app you want to use to process the details further.

I wanted to have something to keep better track of my canvassing results, as I kept a notebook but after some time it became cluttered and I needed to browse a lot to find certain streets. Now with the feature to be able to record prospect details it will all be in one place and easier to search through and update. It is very basic but helpful.

Particularly the rounds have quite an impact on the app and I want to make sure it is properly tested before the new version will be released. I am sure the many users of the app that have quite a number of customers to provide their services to on a regular basis will be happy with this feature. 

I look forward to hear your experiences on how you benefit using the new functions.

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