Monday, 16 July 2018

Doing Windows 2.2

I am happy to announce the availability of another feature update of the window cleaner assistant app. Besides having German localisation the following has been added:
  • Breaks. We all need a week off now and then. Any individual job or complete round that is finished is automatically scheduled by their repeat cycle and it just keeps going. You can now schedule an upcoming break in your planning. All automatically scheduled jobs and rounds will be moved automatically to accommodate the week(s) you are blocking for a holiday or other major event.
    When you decide to cancel an upcoming break and delete it from your planning all jobs and rounds are moved back to the original schedule according to their repeat cycle.
  • Jobs per customer. You can now also view, add, edit, and delete jobs defined for a customer when viewing the customer. Since you can view the customer via the To Do list you can also access the job details from there. This will make all a lot easier to make adjustments quickly. You can still access the complete list of all jobs as this now can be found via 'More'.
  • Time duration. You can now specify the time you expect a job to take. This time will be displayed in the To Do list per job, as a total per round, and as a total per week.
This update is free of charge to all users who have bought a previous version of Doing Windows.

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