Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Bonded Bunnies for Mac

Are you a bit into puzzle games? Then you will like my very first game release - Bonded Bunnies.

The Story:

Rabbits are secretly being subjected to abominable experiments by the evil Dr. Druchs. A group of test rabbits have been injected with a type of drug that has a number of side effects the evil doctor does not know about. These bunnies have an increased level of intelligence and awareness, and can combine their thoughts. They managed to escape from their cages and now need to find their way out of the laboratory.

The only way out is via the basement and along the way a few bunnies join the group.

The arrow keys will simultaneously move all the bunnies on a level, except those whose paths are blocked by a wall or another bunny. Each level will be a hazardous maze that is completed by getting all the bunnies to an exit. However, if a bunny is caught by a dangerous hazard on the way, then he dies and the level must be replayed.

Can the Bonded Bunnies find their way to freedom through 22 levels?

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